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Believe it or not, our carpet cleaning service begins with a general dry vacuum of the surface. Our precleaning means, outside of picking up your belongings, there is no need for you to prep the area. We clear any loose dirt, debris, or other objects that might interfere with our deep cleaning work.

We then bring in the big guns by using our professional carpet cleaning equipment that will extract the baked in materials a standard home cleaning vacuum can't handle. 

Depending on your preference for the type of cleaning solutions you want us to use, we then agitate the carpet area providing an even deeper clean.

We conduct a thorough rinsing and wet vac extraction of the carpet during our final pass. Finally, we assist the drying process along with pro drying equipment.

If your carpets require their routine cleanings or a  major accident has occurred, then contact us so we can help get the stain out of your house.

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